Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And in Other News. . .

I can't believe that it's been five months since my last blog post. What the heck have I been doing? A lot, actually. Some of it fun, some of it not fun, but all of it necessary! So, now it's time to get back on all of my bandwagons and move forward with all things, well, ME! (And other people, too, if I fell they warrant some attention). To start things off, how about a quick-list of recent developments, and then, I promise I'll post a little more often!

  • I'm kicking some serious ass in the family's NFL blackout pool
  • Just finished a very cute book written by a former co-worker called "We Met At Starbucks". I was looking for another title entirely and came across this little gem.
  • Went away for a weekend in Breckenridge with some of the greatest ladies EVER! Learned a ton and made a few new friends, too.
  • Have started planning a trip to Costa Rica for my cousin's 40th birthday party. If you think my family gets crazy when we get together stateside, hang on to your hats for those time when we escape the borders!
  • Actually took the time to put all of my books in order according to the Dewey Decimal system. I know - I'm a freak, but lets not fight it anymore and just run with it. I'm scared to admit how many duplicates I found. I was surprised to find that Jeffrey Gitomer books falls into different sections. See, I really do learn things, even when I'm being weird.
  • Listed out all of the current projects I'm working on for Slumber Parties. Um, yeah - that needs to be prioritized a little better, cause it's really LONG!
  • Also have been making a list of the trips that I need to take next year, as well as the ones I want to take. Is it bad to be gone from your day job at least a couple of days per month all year long? I guess it depends on who's keeping track.
  • Set a new goal for myself at a meeting last night that seriously makes me want to vomit - but that's the point of goals. If they don't make you queasy, then they aren't hard enough!
  • Came across a Meme on another blog that I plan on pulling in this week. Please - somebody hold me to this!

OK, enough of the quick-list, since I have to get a presentation finished for a meeting tomorrow night. Then I need to start on the ones I'm doing on Sunday night, and then. . .you get the idea!