Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yes, Virginia, it IS a blizzard in Colorado

I am currently sitting in my apartment for the umpteenth hour since arriving home yesterday in preparation for the Blizzard of 2006. We'd been getting news reports for a few days ahead of time indicating that there would be a lot of snow. Of course, we all know that weathercasters are the world's highest-paid palm readers. Except this time. This time they ended up being right. And of course, this is the one day every 4 years or so that they live for - the single day that they are RIGHT.

I woke up at about 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning to wet roads. About a half hour later, there was an inch of snow on the ground and the snow wasn't falling down to the ground, but instead, blowing sideways. I seriously debated even bothering to go into work, but being the new girl in the department, I didn't want to show any signs of weakness. So, trek in I did, up and over the Cherry Creek Dam Road (why this was even open, I'll never understand). Wisely, I topped off the gas tank in the freezing wind on the way in - this is important later.

Work is surprisingly functional considering all of the windows and the opportunity for everyone to pine for their warm beds and fireplaces at home, or dream of fluffy ski slopes yet to be realized. Then, the snow starts falling even harder and it becomes difficult to make out the cars trying to go by on the highway 100 feet from our windows. It's getting pretty obvious that this storm is for real. So, I decide that I am going to finish up a couple of important things, and then head for home. Til I remember that I have a meeting at 9:00 to help someone upload documents to an internal website. Did I mention that she was in NO WAY prepared for the meeting. And that I had to wait around for her to finish meeting agendas, rename documents, yadda, yadda, yadda, all the while getting a phone call from family saying "quit if you have to, but get home now." Apparently this is serious stuff.

My employer finally decided to shut down at 11:00, which is fine, except that means that about 2500 people are going to be trying to leave all at once. Driving was incredibly trecherous and took about twice as long as a normal commute - but, I got home!! Much better than a lot of other people. Or so I'm told. The worst part of the drive? Trying to pull into my garage! I have to do a couple of awkward turns to get into it, and on a good day I occasionally pull in too far to one side or the other. Yesterday, there was about 10 inches of snow to navigate through. I almost dented the side of the car, but made it in safely. Of course, all of the snow then fell into the garage, covering the sensors, which then wouldn't allow the door to close. Did I mention that I don't own a shovel? Yeah, moving that snow was an adventure.

And so, the snow-in began. Not too bad - giving me the opportunity to finish decorating my house (I've had a nekkid tree in my living room for a week now) and get caught up on laundry. How the hell does that get so out of control all of the time? But, now I am into Day 2 of being snowed in and I'm getting a bit restless. Not because I NEED to go anywhere - work shut down today as well, but because I hate being forced to do anything. Or, in this case, forced to not do things.

Aurora has reported snow of about 25 inches and now my fear is that I won't be able to get in to work tomorrow. Because I don't own a shovel. And now I have to debate whether I want to walk to the grocery store to see if they have any. Nevermind. I just called them and they are sold out of shovels. Of course.

So, it is with mixed emotions that I might be snowed in for yet another day tomorrow. Not that I mind just hanging out, reading and baking cookies.