Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's Finally Time!!

Finally, Finally, a weekend away from the routine. It's Convention Time, kids!! I can hardly wait to get down to New Orleans and celebrate all of last year's accomplishments with the other lovely Slumber Parties distributors. I think that this year will be even more fun than last year, having been in for two years with previous "convention experience" under my belt. I think that my friends and family that I am leaving behind are just a bit worried about the extent to which I plan to let my hair down.

At least this year I know which local "joints" are the best ones to hang out at and which are the ones not worth going into. My roomate and I have strategically planned out our evening party-hopping in order to maximize the fun and still make it to a couple of training sessions.

She and I already tempted fate Monday night by going downtown to the Bon Jovi concert - I haven't laughed that much or had that much fun in years!! It was totally worth the ridiculous amount I paid for the tickets. Good grace, when did it get so expensive to go to a concert?!? The best part was, of course, spending two and a half hours enjoying the view that is David Bryan - the keyboard player. I could stare for days. . .

Alright - I simply must go and pack, then off to bed early, as my flight departs at the unholy time of 6:05 a.m. What was I thinking when I booked this thing?