Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's That Time of Year!

It's finally upon me - time to go out Christmas shopping. I've been dreading it, trying to avoid it and hopelessly fretting over it for quite a while now, but I can't let it go anymore. It officially stared yesterday when I was at a craft show and found the perfect things for the kiddos - couldn't believe how cute and the guy cut me a deal because I needed so many!!

Time to get out into the crowds. I am hoping that between 2 and 5 today that there will be fewer people out there since that is when the Bronco game is on, but we shall see. Thanks to TiVO, I won't miss a moment of the game!! Here's the kicker, though. I have to unload my car BEFORE shopping. Who has to do that, except me!! I've had 5 parties this week and the car is loaded down with all of my business stuff, leaving no room for any kind of shopping.

And where shall we go trekking this year? To an amazing place called Southlands Mall - it seems like every time I need to go to a specific store for something, it's out in that neck of the woods - I don't even know why I attempt to shop anywhere else anymore since everything I want is right there. No more bopping around all over town - just park once and it's all right there!! I LOVE modern malls!!