Sunday, January 14, 2007

Enough Already - Sheesh!

It started snowing again today. For the fourth weekend in a row. It's also wicked-cold out there. So cold, that I only went out and shoveled once. I'll pay for that decision tomorrow morning, I'm sure. This snow is SO OLD!! We're not used this "snow staying around for days" thing in Colorado. We usually don't mind a big storm here and there, because USUALLY, it melts away within 2 days and then we can wear shorts again until the next snow fall. But, this is ridiculous! I'm not even a homeowner - I'm just a renter - and I've had to shovel a lot of the white stuff this year. Good grace, I hope when I own my place, I don't have to shovel this much. Ever.

I'm going a little stir-crazy today, can you tell? My family held their monthly breakfast today and I called the parentals to tell then that I wasn't going to make it. They (no, my mom) tried to send me on a guilt trip for not going. Didn't work, though! I stood my ground and said 'Nope - not going to drive in this'. Of course, if a party had been at stake, then I would have been there!! Gotta love perspective!