Monday, November 13, 2006

New Quest, Old Problem

So, the insomnia bug has hit me again. But this time, I decided to try and actually fix the situation. I went to the doctor and told my very sad story to the NP. I don't think I've actually seen my M.D. in the last 5 or 6 times I've been there. Anyways, she decides that what I need to do is reset my internal sleep clock.

Hmm. OK, sounds good to me. She gave my 2 weeks worth of the sleeping drug Ambien. This is supposed to be some really good stuff - puts you right out and keeps you there for a minimum of 8 hours. She warned me thoroughly about how to use this drug. Make sure that you are completely ready to go to bed before taking the med. Make sure that you have already washed your face and brushed your teeth. It would even be best to take the pill while you are already in bed, under the covers.

OK - these warnings are a little scary - makes me think that the second I swallow the pill, I am going to literally have my head hit the pillow. And in 2 weeks, all will be well and I can get on with my life. Now, keep in mind, that because of the time that I have to get up for work, and then get up even earlier to hit the gym in the a.m. (because insomniacs should always workout at the ass-crack of dawn, so as not to disturb their "schedule"), my bedtime is now 9:00 p.m. I'm 32 years old, with a full time job, a more-than-full time business and my own house to take care of. And I have to be in bed every night at 9 p.m. My first thought? When the hell am I supposed to get things done? Like laundry. And cleaning. And eating. And running my business. (We're skipping the workout question - because no way I can get up that early, leave my house and then be expected to come back and quickly get ready for work).

But, I'm game for this experiment. Because I'm TIRED! All the time. I can barely keep my eyes open at work, which is a problem because at this new job, I actually have WORK to do.

So, I prep myself appropriately on the first night. I can't even explain how excited I am to have this sleep opportunity in front of me. I get all ready for bed and take the pill once I'm all snuggled in and then wait for happy sleep to envelope me.

And wait.
And wait.
And wait.

I think I finally fell asleep about an hour and a half later. This is a new record for me in the falling-asleep time frame. Oh, and no dreaming at all during the night. Which is difficult anyways because I wake up about every 30-45 minutes all night long.

This exact same scenario has been playing itself out for 2 weeks, every night. This amazing drug is CRAP!! It doesn't make you fall asleep. It doesn't keep you asleep.

Oh, wait, except for the couple of nights that I didn't take the drug because I was so fed up with it. On those nights, I laid awake for a minimum of 4 hours, waiting to fall asleep. Even on nights when I took regular sleeping pills. Now, after the third night of this, I called the doctor and told her that I wasn't going to take it anymore. I was promptly instructed to stay the course, because at the end of the 2 weeks, there would be a world of difference.

World of difference is right! I can barely stay awake to drive to work. I'm a total mess. My house is a disaster, there are no clean clothes to be found anywhere. I am getting literally ZERO sleep and still trying to function as a human being. I have a follow-up appointment on Wednesday. If I can stay awake for it, I am going to give that NP an earful!!