Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Life's Fun Little Chores

I've been spending some time today doing one of those fun chores that we all love to do - shop for new insurance. I hate doing this. I really hate that I want it done and overwith before the 20th of this month so I don't have to pay another dime to my current company. I hate my current company. They keep taking my premium payments before the day they are supposed to, and it's wreaking havoc on my checking account. Yes, I know, it would be easier if I would just have extra money in my account, then I wouldn't have to worry about such things. But, reality is a far-cry from the dream-world where there's this big buffer in your account so that you never ever have to worry about when anything hits your account. Who lives in that fantasy land anyways?

Oh, and I also hate my insurance company because they refuse to write a business liability policy on my car. They find my business "distasteful". That's what the agent actually told me. When I asked her if she really meant immoral, she refused to answer. I told her that there are other companies out there that I know for a fact will write the policy and she actually challenged me to find one - she said that no insurance company would approve of coverage for such an outlandish business. I gave her the name of the company that I plan to go with and she didn't believe me - her loss, and the other company's gain.